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Pennsylvania Cash Assistance

Starshine started this conversation


To access the following information on how to file an application for cash assistance, food stamps and medical assistanace benefits.

The Department of Public Welfare is dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals living in Pennsylvania move to independence through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, which is also referred to as Cash Assistance. TANF provides money for dependent children and their parents or other relatives with whom they live, and for pregnant women.

How to Apply:
You can apply for and renew your benefits from the comfort of your home using COMPASS, the online resource for cash assistance, Food Stamps, help with child care, health care coverage, home heating assistance (LIHEAP), school meals, SelectPlan for Women and long-term living services. You can also:

    * File an application at your local County Assistance Office
    * Download an application form from the Web and return it to your local County Assistance Office:

Application for Cash Assistance, Food Stamps and Medical Assistance Benefits (English version)

Solicitud para recibir beneficios (version espanola)

If you need help completing the application form or need more information about benefits, trained County Assistance Office staff can help you.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for Cash Assistance/TANF, certain requirements must be met. County Assistance Office staff can provide more information on all of these requirements:

    * You must be a United States citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania. (Certain non-citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence may also be eligible.)
    * You and your family members must provide Social Security Numbers or apply for one.
    * You are required to seek employment or participate in an employment and training program. (Some persons may be exempt from employment requirements because of personal circumstances; for example, a temporary or permanent disability.)
    * You are required to agree to, sign and follow through on an Agreement of Mutual Responsibility, which is a plan for what you will do to find permanent employment.
    * If you are seeking Cash Assistance for a dependent child, you must agree to cooperate with paternity and child support requirements, unless there is good cause for not seeking support. Your child must be under age 18 or age 18 and a full-time student, living with and cared for by you and in need of support or care because of the:
          o Death of a parent;
          o Incapacity of a parent;
          o Continued absence of a parent; or
          o Unemployment of one or both parents.
    * Your resources (things with cash value such as bank accounts, bonds or property that is not your primary residence) must have a value of $1,000 or less.
    * You must report all income from employment or from other sources including, but not limited to, child support, unemployment compensation, interest, Social Security benefits, or lottery winnings.

How Long Can I Receive Cash Assistance?

You can receive Cash Assistance for 60 months TOTAL (five years) over the course of your lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cash Assistance

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woman in a shoe   in reply to kookie0215
Well I don't know what state u are end but for MI if u make 700 are more they want give it to you. Becase I was getting food stamp and getting pay 670 when my pay went to 1000 they cut me off said I made to much for a family of 3. Yes its heard but I am making it
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kookie0215   in reply to woman in a shoe
This is not true at all, i was working 60 hour weeks and still got foodstamps, granted it was only $50 a month but it was something when my paychecks were 800 biweekly. This only lasted for a month and i was back down to full time work and making about 1200 a month, i got a significant raise in my foodstamps.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Hitez World
Hi starshine has not been on here in years. I know to get food stamps u can't make know more than 700 in a mo. That like 350 every 2 weeks.
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Hitez World
How much money can you make before your cash assistance is effected
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to luckydragon
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woman in a shoe   in reply to luckydragon
I know here in MI to get anything u can only work 3 days a week than u will only get food stamps. And its not that much for what u got to go though to get them. Hope this help u
Talk to woman in a shoe
I was told yesterday that I cannot receive cash assistance because I am with my daughters father and he works. The problem is he makes 8.50 an hour which barely pays rent and utilities. Please help, is this true. I will not be able to return to work for 4-6 weeks and that is if I find a job right away and daycare. Can someone please elaborate on this for me. I would really appreciate it.
Talk to luckydragon
sandyl53   in reply to kalp
No I am not but very well experienced with the system being abused and beaten by a man with no way out until the laws changed. I also lived in the state of Pennsylvania and if you are from the middle east culture I am aware of the fear you have and the extremes they will go to scare you. There is a way out grandparents have no rights over a mother who is fit to take care of her children.
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kalp   in reply to sandyl53
Thanks.He is not legal but his parents are us citizen so thats why they are harrasing me.are you a legal advisor or counselor? Thanks for your help.
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sandyl53   in reply to kalp
Is your husband a U.S citizen? If you live in Pennsylvania and have small children you can as a woman in the U.S, take and get all the help you need because of the fact you are not from this country but your children are your husband is more of risk if he were not legal, I would not let him have the upper hand , men are considered no more then that just a man here, the sun does not come up or set with them, I know some men that come into this country find it hard to believe, and that some are of this country, also find it hard to believe, that God created woman to join man side by side not to serve him!!! Don't be afraid ask for help!
Talk to sandyl53
I am not legal in usa and my husband pays the rent of 100 per week.anx also pays utility of approx 200.he has filed for a divorce.if I go for childsupport I will get very little from my husband because he earns very less.can it be considered good cause fornot filing for child support? My kids are us citizen.
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hilcarlos2011   in reply to SusanD17
yes u can
Talk to hilcarlos2011
If I'm only 17 years old but I'm pregnant would I qualify for cash assistance?
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